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We are Genow, here’s the story.

Our founding team of researchers and developers at the Software & Digital Business Group at the Technical University of Darmstadt, committed to leveraging the power of AI to improve business processes. Our journey began with recognizing the challenges businesses face in managing knowledge across diverse systems, making it accessible, and seamlessly integrating it into the workflow.

Our team is determined to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their knowledge base by leveraging AI to streamline knowledge acquisition, management, and application. We are bridging gaps, improving efficiencies, and driving innovation in the sphere of knowledge management. Join us on our mission to make intelligent knowledge management accessible to all.

Meet our Team

Fin-Malte Suchopar
Marcel Pfeiffer
Bhavika Sharma
Dr. Timo Koppe
Matthias Hoppe
Daniel Otterbach
Caspar Sornberger
Sükrü Sever
Adrian Glauben
Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann