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The stuggel with current GenAI and LLMs


  • with bloated, long answers from LLMs?
  • with hallucinations and reliability of LLMs content?
  • to integrate LLMs into enterprise systems?
  • to justify LLM Business Cases?
  • to effectively evaluate and manage systems?

Our platform delivers
concise and trustworthy Generative AI
as a managed resource.

Concise insights

Our efficient answers are enhanced by valuable insights and metadata (structural information, graphs,…)

Trustworthy and Transparent

Our App enables the user to fully understand and verify LLM outputs.

Managed, secure, and fine-tuned

We constantly improve and stay cutting-edge, while ensuring that every user and organization has control over their data and their skills.

Our Platform Targets Multiple Use-Cases in One

Genow AI Platform provides GenAI Use Cases out-of-the-box:

  1. Enterprise Search with Generative AI: Elevate your search capabilities with semantic, AI-powered enterprise search. Benefit from synthesized LLM outputs like summaries, hybrid search controls, selective source grounding, highlighted data references, and easy data exports.

  2. In-depth Conversations: Engage deeply with your data through conversational AI. Utilize conversation histories, templates, file uploads, built-in tools, and seamless model integration to enhance data interaction.

  3. Automated Routine Data Tasks: Streamline your workflows with custom apps designed to automate and simplify routine data tasks. Our platform supports the creation of custom skills specifically tuned for your needs for developing your own applications and skills.

Unlock the Power of Knowledge Assets

We redefine the concept of knowledge assets for generative AI architectures, offering robust, stand-alone solutions that integrate swiftly through advanced search functionalities and APIs. Our knowledge assets are comprehensive, encompassing text, images, and tables, designed to continuously enhance in quality through AI-driven discoveries and insights.



Fine-tuned chains for impactful Use Cases

We offer managed generative AI resources, tailored specifically to your needs. Our process includes embedding models fine-tuned on your data, custom re-ranking and prompts for each use case, and enriched retrieval leveraging your metadata. We ensure the best model selection for your specific requirements and employ verifier LLMs to guarantee accuracy and reliability. Experience GenAI that adapts to you, ensuring precision and trust in every interaction.

Ready to accelerate your Gen AI transformation?

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